Our software systems

The HPDC group has produced many software systems that have been used for several internal and external projects. Our current systems are:

  • Swan – a sensing framework for (Android)  smartphones and Internet-of-Things
  • MCL – Programming Many-cores on different levels of abstraction
  • Cashmere – heterogeneous many-core computing
  • VLog – a high-performance Datalog engine
  • Ibis- programming hybrid systems (“Jungles”). Ibis is no longer a subject of our ongoing research, but its software is available at http://github.com/junglecomputing and is still being maintained. Earlier research on Ibis (2002 – 2012) is described here
  • Constellation  – a library for distributed, heterogeneous and hierarchical computing environments, originally developed at the VU and now maintained by the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC) and the VU

Earlier software systems include:

  • JavaGAT – Java Grid Application Toolkit; it formed the basis of the Xenon software of the  Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC)
  • Ajira – efficiently process large amounts of data
  • QueryPie – Backward reasoning over very large knowledge bases
  • WebPIE – distributed reasoning
  • MagPIe – an MPI library for multi-clusters
  • Manta – fast parallel Java
  • Albatross – wide-area parallel computing
  • Orca – a language for cluster computers