The SWAN project aims at building a scalable and robust sensing framework for smartphones and IoT. With the help of such a framework, application developers can easily build context-based apps in the field of health care, transportation, fire and safety etc. The framework uses a formal language (called SWAN-Song) to create sensor-based expressions. It already supports more than 20 sensors and new sensors can be easily plugged in. Distributed sensing and cloud support are two other main features of this framework.

Characteristics of SWAN

  • SWAN-Song :  A domain specific language that allows application developers to easily define context expressions that can be used to interact with sensors on a high level.
  • Multi-Sensor Support :  It contains by default 20+ sensors such as hardware sensors (on- device sensors like GPS, accelerometer or sensors in external devices like heart rate monitor) or software sensors (weather data).
  • Easy Sensor Plug-in : It supports plug-ins from third-party sensors. Developers can easily build sensors using our sensor maker tool.
  • Distributed  Sensing : It provides sensing capabilities between multiple mobile devices for group-based analysis.
  • Cloud-ready : Sensors readings are periodically saved in a SenseOS cloud using intelligent data offloading mechanisms.
  • Open Source : It is available in open-source under GNU General Public License v2.0 

For more information: https://github.com/swandroid/