Henri Bal

Prof. dr. ir. Henri E. Bal, MAE
Vrije Universiteit, Faculty of Sciences
Dept. of Computer Science, Computer Systems section
High Performance Distributed Computing group

Mailing address: Faculty of Sciences, Dept. of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1081A, 1081 HV Amsterdam The Netherlands

I’m a full professor of Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit, where I lead the High Performance Distributed Computing group. I also am the head of the Computer Systems section of the Department of Computer Science and chair of the Science Committee of the department. I am Scientific Director of the ASCI research school, member of the   Academia Europeana and winner of the Euro-Par 2014 Achievement Award. I have been Program Chair of CCGrid and HPDC and PC member of numerous conferences, see my conferences page.



See VU research portal or Google scholar


Modern Compiler Design (2nd Edition)
Programming Language Essentials
Programming Distributed Systems
Ph.D. thesis (1989)


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    • Introduction Computer Science (2018), see Canvas
    • Programming Large-scale Parallel Systems (2018), see Canvas
    • Practicum Parallel Programming (2018): see Canvas; you can do it either in Period 2 OR 3 (but not both). A kickoff meeting will be organized at the beginning of each period.
  • Research proposal preparation (PDCS only): the first meeting for the 2018 class will be on Friday 9 November 13.00, the second one on 14 December (2 sessions) . This year, all meetings will be done by Andy Tanenbaum. More information is available here.


PhD theses supervised by Henri Bal



The Awari work of John Romein and me has been selected in Pickover’s math book (and in its Dutch translation ) as one of 250 milestones in the history of mathematics

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